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There’s show business …and then there’s the NFL

Its time to step off Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, your time is up. You
two Studs have never engaged in a shootout seen last night. I’m saying--you guys have been brilliant for stretches of play in head to head battles over the years ---but never over four
quarters— have you guys been equally the same. Last night, millions of fans witnessed the coronation of the NFL’s top gunslingers with all the pomp and fanfare earned by our recent Super Bowl Conquering Heroes. AaronRodgers and Drew Brees squared off —and man…they did not disappoint.

Today’s NFL is built for show business football. It’s about big plays and more big plays….and
less hits. “Scoring is first and there is no last line of defense” … that’s the mantra. Madden football was on display last night. Both defenses looked like they were playing flag football most of the night…one Mississippi….two Mississippi….rush the passer when you get to seven—ok, I’m
embellishing a bit—but slightly. Moreover, the charisma of the game warrants the question: Were the QBs’ that good? Last night they were. For a minute I thought I was at the Rucker Park in Harlem, watching fast break football.

What makes the NFL so popular is that Roger Goodell and the
competition committee gets it. Unlike Major League Baseball and the Purists, the league is not
above tinkering with their product to expand its overall appeal. Well—with the
exception of the Kickoff faux pas. (See Randall Cobb’s 108 yard Kickoff return) This
is not your Daddy’s NFL. Would Fantasy Football be as popular as it is today if
the scores were 10-3 or 9-6 every week? Of course not. I love the Steelers vs Ravens brawls , but the reality is that the consensus of fans want to see 42-34 track meets. Hell, the Packers victory…on opening night, with the outcome determined on the very last play…was nothing short of a dream come true for the NFL. Who wouldn't sign up for that?

Game notes: Aaron Rodgers was precise with his last night…surgical
to say the least. And Alex Smith was selected before him?... In high scoring games, coaching decisions are made based on the success or lack thereof on either side of the ball. The
Saints wanted keep pace with the Packers, thus the initial fourth down
attempt. However, I would of attempted a FG. And the play call was questionable…at best.

After last night’s performance, Darren Sproles has Saints fans saying, “Reggie Who?”……Still shaking my head at that last play on the goal line…..the Packers sold out over the top….Brees should have been on the move rolling out(Arm-chair Quarterbacks never fail) was a better option.


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