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The Boston Red Sox Need a W

We have two wild card races tonight that we all thought were over one month ago. The Boston Red Sox have had an abysmal September and the loss of Clay Buchholz has affected them much more than I originally suspected.

The September absences in Boston

Kevin Youkilis has also been out and according to reports he may not even be back for the postseason. Both of these injuries should not be enough to cause the losing streak that has sent Red Sox fans like me into a great depression. I am not your typical Boston fan because I do not root for the Bruins, Celtics, or Patriots. The last one of my other favorite professional teams won was 1995 when I was 6 and the Houston Rockets won the finals.

The Red Sox have been my chance at excellence which is why this is the biggest sport game for me in the past 3 years. Yea, Boston made the playoffs in ’09 but, it never truly felt like THE year. In ’08 we had one of the best comebacks I have ever seen (down 7-0 in the seventh, only to comeback and lose in game 7 on a bad called strike to JD Drew) but, we weren’t able to finish it off. In ’08 my Panthers also finally looked like they were in a position to win it all but, then Jake Delhomme decided to begin his downward spiral in January and looked horrible against Arizona.

This is the year that everyone has Boston winning the World Series and I personally was not happy with how big the bandwagon had become. I am superstitious and when everyone’s crowns you the champion in April it is a cause for concern. The Red Sox come into tonight, as do the Braves, tied for the wild card lead with one game remaining. Boston gets to play the Orioles with Jon Lester on the mound who has never lost a decision to them. But, the fact that we are playing Baltimore has seemed meaningless over the last month of the year because Boston has continued to lose to inferior teams.

He needs a win tonight

Tonight the Red Sox take the field while every member of Red Sox nation holds their breath. A loss tonight means endless scrutiny from every Yankee fan in the country, whether fake or real. But, we also take the field tonight knowing that if our beloved Red Sox come out with a W, then every other team in baseball will be scared of playing us in October. I figure Boston starts with a losing streak, than has the best record in baseball over the middle of the year, and then has a horrible September. They have to be due for a great October. We need Buchholz though and in a bad way. Lackey has been a disappointment from day one but, I don’t mind him as our fourth starter. But, I hate him as our third.

The Red Sox come into tonight with a lineup that has changed time and time again. We have a left fielder that was supposed to be a stud but, has only been able to hit .250 and consistently hits in the 7 hole. But, at the end of the day Boston goes into tonight’s game knowing they have to win because they are supposed to win. They have one of the best teams in baseball and hopefully they show it off tonight with a romping of the Baltimore Orioles. Go Red Sox! Give me my first championship in 4 years, it has been too long.


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