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New York Yankees Round-Up September 1st, 2011: Proctor and Montero Among Yankee Call-Ups, Hughes/Baldwin Meltdown, Paniagua Suspension

Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 11.42.25 AM The New York Yankees clubhouse will be joined by a few familiar and new faces as the September 1st extension to 40-man rosters begins. Scott Proctor is among the call-ups and many Yankee fans remember him as the arm that Joe Torre used in over 100 innings out of the bullpen in 2006. He use to be the bridge to Mariano Rivera, before his arm collapsed as did the bridge. 

Jesus Montero is the top name among the call-ups, because he is considered the Yankees number one prospect in the minor leagues. Montero will reportedly make his Major League debut tonight as designated hitter against Jon Lester of the Red Sox. The addition of Montero and Proctor to the 40-man roster means that the Yankees will have to trim their team and cut a few prospects. The list of people on the outs could be Lance Pendleton, Steve Garrison, Aaron Laffey, or Kevin Whelan.

The surprise of the September 1st marker is the fact that the Yankees decided to keep prospects Andrew Brackman, Manny Banuelos, and Dellin Betances in the minor leagues. Banuelos and Betances dominated in AA Trenton and spent about a month or so in AAA Scranton to test the waters there. The plan was to possibly add one of them to the bullpen in September, but their dominance did not carry through in AAA. The Yankees pitching coaches believe that there is still work that needs to be tended to with their command. 

Brackman is a different case though, because he is already on the 40-man roster and a call-up would not hurt. He has been hit hard this season by the opposition. The Yankees could call him up a bit later, but in a race to the post-season, it may not be worth putting a bad pitcher on the mound... specifically a pitcher that struggled in AAA. The AAA season has not concluded yet and he could join the team in the Major Leagues afterwards. 

Brandon Laird and Chris Dickerson are the other two Yankees called-up and could be used for their bat and speed in the next month. 

Notes: This commercial is more applicable after last night's melt-down with Phil Hughes on the mound losing to the Red Sox. His rotation spot could arguably be in danger. Who had a worse melt-down: Alec Baldwin's Apartment Building or Phil Hughes vs Red Sox? 


 - Yankees Dominican Prospect Juan Carlos Paniagua has been suspended by the office of Major League Baseball. No word on the reason why as of yet. Here's a New York Times article on the Yankees' high hopes for Paniagua


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