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The Filibuster

College football and the NFL have both come back with a vengeance but for MLB, there really aren't any compelling races at this point. How can baseball compete?


Otsego, MI

Pardon my frankness here, Ryan, but...


No compelling races? How can baseball compete? Put down that tequilla shooter (slowly) and check the boxscores before you miss out! Because the time is NOW for September baseball and there is PLENTY to be excited about. Right now the AL East is as tight a race as they come, and believe me: the Yankees and Red Sox both want to win that division as each would rather draw the weaker opponent in the ALDS. Meanwhile, the AL Central is anything but locked down. Sure it might not be neck and neck, but if the Tigers have taught us anything in the last few years, it's that they definitely know how to blow a sure thing. And if you think the Rangers aren't worried about the creeping Angels of Los Anaheim, ya might wanna put down the vodka too (keep the whisky, for now).

In the National League, sure the East, Central and Wild Card races seem to be locked down, but the NL West is still undecided. The Diamondbacks are coming on strong but if the Giants can just average one run a game, with THAT pitching staff, they have a pretty good shot.

Now don't get me wrong, I love football just as much as any other loud proud US American, but early season games being more important than the stretch baseball run? Not in my world. Not even close!

If you're not feelin' it, I gotta think that maybe it's your fault. Sit down and watch one of these games that matters. Or, don't. I mean, STRASMAS is comin' this year, so you could watch that! Or check out a Bluejays game to watch the Joey Bats and Brett Lawrie Show! Or get your buddies together for an Orioles game and every time they make an error, miss the cut-off man or fail to advance a runner TAKE A DRINK! You'll be so loaded by the third inning that your decision making skills will deteriorate to a level that will GUARANTEE a night of awesome once you hit the club.

Hate me 'cuz I promote promiscuous behavior while championing the greatest game on earth, just don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.



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