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Terps kicking their season off with Miami

It’s finally back upon us. Football season.

Amidst NFL lockout possibilities, Miami paying their boys like they were franchise players, and Terrell Pryor being Terrell Pryor, nobody was quite sure what to expect this season. But now that’s all past us, kind of at least.

Maryland kicks of the season today with their home opener against Miami, who had to suspend several players due to their ludicrous behind-the-scenes recruiting schemes. Maryland had to bench a few of their guys due to the classic “team violation” line. Easily the most exciting part about this game is nobody has any idea what to expect.

The Terps have a new coach with Randy Edsall, who sold out his first ever game at Maryland, something The Fridge was unable to do for quite a long time. Danny Obrien, Maryland’s stud 2010 ACC Freshman of the Year quarterback, has high expectations but you never know what you’re going to get out of a sophomore play-caller in his first game of his second season. Despite this I couldn’t have any more faith in the kid. He’s calm under pressure, throws well, runs decently enough, and has the trust of his teammates. He reminds me a little bit of Joe Flacco actually. Young, California-like attitude, cannon arm despite being skinny enough to break if a linebacker gets ahold of him, and is sneakily a good runner. I’ll take my chances with Obrien any day, even if he doesn’t have Torrey Smith running routes for him this year.

Davin Meggett, a senior running back for the Terps, is a speedy little guy that runs like he’s angry at the world. He’s fast and patient, and with sophomore running back DJ Adams suspended, he should get plenty of carries to show Terpnation if he’s going to be our guy in the backfield this year.

ESPN coverage, night game, on Labor Day, new coach, stud QB, suspensions, sold out game. That’s what college football is all about. Let’s see what the Terps have in store for us.   


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