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Realistic answers for parents looking at LAUSD

Are there any good schools?

There are plenty of fine elementary schools. However, the parents at the fine elementary schools usually find the neighboring middle and high schools undesirable.

What about the magnet program?

It takes a lawyer and a CPA to figure out the point system?

Do the school board members care about the students and the schools?

The majority of the school board members are politicians, not educators, looking at higher elective offices.

What about the superintendent?

He never taught, never worked in schools, and may well be interested in making them all charters—giving the schools away.

What about special education students?

The superintendent is following his track record of eliminating special education classes, forcing the special needs students into regular classrooms, all to the extreme detriment of the students.
LAUSD has a big budget, where does the money go?

Although they never reveal a line item budget we do know that millions go into maintaining a large bureaucracy, outside offices, a television station, district cars, lobbyists, contracted firms, and testing and test preparation materials.

Why doesn’t the media or the politicians do something about how the money is spent?

The major newspapers do not like the teachers; the broadcast media no longer does long term, in depth investigations; and the politicians on the school board and the superintendent are all in bed with the local politicians.

What do you recommend?

Check out your potential school beyond test scores. Talk with current and former parents. Observe classes and attend PTA and other meetings. See how many parents are involved and their concerns. Be aware of the cleanliness of  the playground, the hallw ays, the classrooms, the offices, and the cafeteria. Then decide.


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