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No, Not Dead..Not Even Pinining for the Fjords, I'm Just Watching TV

I'm back!


Ok, I spent the better part of this year in and out of the hospital dealing with multiple lingering problems that resulted in 12 surgeries/procedures. There were many painful nights and days, and many nurses from origins unknown;  yelling from the down the hall on how my bowel movements were.  To answer, if you wanted to know..they were infrequent..and also painful.Toilet
('s that painful)

So what did I do since I didn't want to chronicle the last 9 months of this ordeal in order to spare the reader a few gaffes or tears at my expense?  I watched a S$%tload of television.  What constitutes a s$%tload?  Enough TV to watch and get into "How I Met Your Mother" and the Collegiate Rugby 7's Championship.  After getting pretty deep into my stories, I had alot of points I wanted to make about subjects on the television.   (by the way, when I say points, I mean complaints for the most part..after all, I'm in alot of pain)

Sitcoms:  Most still suck.  It's mostly recycled shows with a nuclear family.  You have the know-it-all mom, the fat, dumb, slob of a husband, and the two teenage kids who haven't a clue, but are wise beyond their years and can teach their parents a thing or two about life.  Add live studio audience of zombies, laugh on cue, and the viewer dies slowly.

News:  24 freaking hours of coverage of Hurricane Irene!  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry weatherman and every Mike and Michelle  elected official and every John and Jane homeowner in well known flood prone areas had to have their strong statements and storm predictions.  Every news channel, every local channel on the East Coast, even some of sports channels followed Irene. Spider_man  Yeah, laid up on a weekend day watching that made me watch FOX Soccer Channel...which leads me to...

Sports:...I really got into soccer this year.  Barclay's Cup, UEFA League Championships, La Liga, Serie A, even MLS and the CONCACAF  Championships.  Once  I understood the nuances of the game, I began to understand why and how it gets addicting.  Note to MLS:  You've got something special in the Pacific Northwest, I think it will get bigger in the larger East Coast Markets.  As far as other sports, baseball was very good, the NBA can go to hell and the players can stay in Turkey, and we need the NHL back soon.  College sports...I gave up.

Cultural Programming:  Besides the usual PBS stations, the Travel Channel kept me very entertained, although I did grow tired of the absolute gluttony-fest show of Adam Richman's, "Man vs. Food" where he constantly attempts to make himself a diabetic on purpose by eating sandwiches the size of a doberman.

So yes, I did watch alot of television, and for the most part, it still sucked!


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