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LAUSD starts school later than everybody! Why?

This week, every other school district and almost every private school started classes. LAUSD starts Wednesday, September 7, 2011. The offices close Friday, September 2, for Admission Day.

Year round schools and some LA high schools have already begun.

Tuesday the 6th is a pupil free day. Some principals have short meetings and then the teachers are able to work in their rooms and plan collaboratively. Other principals spend the whole morning in meetings with the staff. Everyone is so worn out that when they return from lunch they feel drained.

How can they afford a pupil free day during this time of extreme budget crisis? Why not just put everything in writing for the teachers to read; have a quick breakfast get together before school to introduce the new staff members; and that’s it.

LAUSD never consults the teachers—they just blame them for everything!


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