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Jobs in America and Los Angeles

The only way that people in America and Los Angeles will get jobs is to move to India, the Philippines, and China.

Companies have sent their customer service jobs to India and the Philippines and their manufacturing jobs to China.
They aren’t coming back.

American companies save millions each year because the salaries are so low overseas and all they care about is the bottom line—net profit. What do we do?

Ralph’s, CVS, and Home Depot among others have self checkout which reduces personnel. Self checkout is as personal and fun as receiving a recorded robocall.

Teachers, public employees, and school employees are being laid off. Companies fearful of a recession are not expanding their work force, just making do with the current staff working harder even if business is increasing.

Welfare and unemployment don’t make it.

A number of termed out politicians are running for Mayor of Los Angeles. Those that don’t make it will be added to the list of unemployed.

The only logical answer is to rebuild America’s infrastructure. The bridges, schools, airports, highways, and much more really need it and jobs will be created. But, how to finance it is the question. The federal government seems to be the answer. But, what happens to the national debt and our deficit?


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