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Is Mark Sanchez the most overpaid NFL player?

God bless them folks over at Forbes, they truly are the sports business reporters best friend. However, they continually get things wrong. The latest is their pick of the NFL's most over paid player. They picked New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, and I must say it seems pretty clear that no one over there watches any football.

Mark Sanchez is n the middle of a five year (his rookie deal mind you) 60 million dollar contract. He is due to make 14.75 million dollars for the 2011 season. That may seem like a lot right now after just two games, but we have to look at this in terms of return on investment.

The Jets have 60 million bucks or so tied up in Sanchez right now. 28 million of that is guaranteed. They also gave up three players in their trade up in the 2009 draft to select him. So in very real terms the Jets have spent nothing on this kid. Sure, his has a big salary, but they were going to pay someone that salary regardless.

All Sanchez has done since coming to the Jets is lead them to two straight AFC title games, and won three road playoff games. That is far more valuable to the Jets, in real business terms, then his slightly sub par performance in the first two games of the 2011 season. Let us also not forget that the Jets did win both of those games, and look like a team that will make another strong playoff run.

Tom Van Riper talks about using common sense in determining the Forbes list of most overpaid players yet he and Forbes fail to mention the value of Sanchez for the Jets. Last year Sanchez had the tenth top selling jersey in the NFL, which for me equals he is pretty darn good for business.

Sure, his passer rating has ranked 27th and 28th over the past two years, but that does not take away the fact that the Jets have made two deep playoff runs, and that always helps the bottom line. Forbes makes far better arguments for the rest of the players on their annual list, but picking Sanchez as the most overpaid at this point seems a little ridiculous.

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