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Fortunes Change For Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks

It’s January 9, 2010 and Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb is heading down the tunnel at Texas Stadium in preparation for his team’s first round playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys.

What does McNabb do?

He plays the air guitar. Nmcnabb air guitar

McNabb, to be fair did not deserve this, but got f’ing killed for playing the air guitar, because his team got smoked by the Cowboys, 34-14.

I had a flashback to the incident during Sunday’s Eagles’ game in St. Louis.

Eagles’ starting quarterback Micheal Vick, who was there for the infamous McNabb air guitar playing, played his own air guitar during the game, which his team won, 31-13 on Sunday.

I could not find a picture of said celebration, which was on the field, but in Eagles’ fans mind, would Vick’s guitar would have looked something like this. Mike Vick celebrating copy

Oh, yeah, man.

Michael Vick is on fire.

Yeah, it is one game, but Vick was clearly the best conditioned athlete on the field, turning third and longs into first downs with his legs.

He would have joined LeSean McCoy (122 rushing yards) as two 100 yard gainers, but his two kneel downs at the end of the game, gave Vick 98 rushing yards.

While stinkin’ Tony Romo was working on his tan (Cowboys choked Sunday night on national television), Vick was using the CBA lockout to get in better shape and prepare for the season. Romo


The fading star had 39 passing yards with a touchdown and an interception in a 24-17 loss to the Chargers on Sunday.

McNabb could soon find himself on the bench in Minnesota.

The incumbent between McNabb and Vick?

Kevin Kolb was 18-27 for 309 yards in a 28-21 Arizona Cardinal win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Kevin-kolb

So don’t kill McNabb for his air guitar.

He ain’t playin' it no more.


The potential is limitless.

He could break his leg or carry the Eagles to a Super Bowl.

It will probably land somewhere in between, as the Eagles should make the playoffs, the Vikings, not and quite possibly the Cardinals.

The Cowboys?

They better get their s*** together (or not) or Romo is the Cowboys’ quarterback of the past.



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