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Five Things You Need to Know NOW

The world moves faster now than it did just decade ago. In fact, while writing that last sentence, I lost two bets, texted a girl without using my fingers and imagined an elaborate Broadway staging of my favorite Bukowski quote.

So naturally, it would be easy to miss out on some important informational nuggets throughout the day. But do not fear. The RSBS interns have been hard at work to bring you these five things you NEED to know NOW:

1. Rick Perry Is Insane
You didn't have to watch the *YAWN* GOP debate last night to know that. All you need to know is that he truly believes setting aside an entire day for his state leaders to focus on talking to their imaginary friend is an acceptable way of tackling Texas' problems. Um... please, someone tell me that being "delusional" makes one unelectable in a general election???

2. MLB Playoff Changes Are a Comin'
If today was September 8, 2012, the Cardinals, Giants and Rays would all still be fighting like hobos for the last drop of playoff wine. Generally speaking, I don't like change; but to be fair, this seems imminent and fitting. I give it my blessing. VOILA!

3. Mr. Krause's Retort Is Weak
In his most recent attempt to derail my celebratory allegiance to Liberty, he wrote: "I don’t have time to go back and correct all of his logical and factual fallacies one by one," which is Big Government Liberal speak for: "I don't know how to slip that dude's jab-jab-right hook-left cross combination so let me try and talk around it." Just sayin'! 

4. John Smoltz Is Awesome... At Everything
He was a bad@$$ mound maestro during his playing days. He also was/is one hell of a golfer -- good enough to, at one point, even consider going pro. And after listening to him in the broadcast booth as the color commentator on an entire season's worth of games, I gotta say: Smoltz is one hell of a broadcaster. With a Hall of Fame baseball acumen, superior poise and uncanny timing, he definitely warrants kicking Tim McCarver's dusty rump aside.

And finally...

5. The Astros Will Be Going to the American League
Don't worry. No one will probably even notice.

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.




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