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Excuse Me Deli Guy Sir, but I Think This Sandwich Should Have Bacon

5bacon Hey, ummm, Mr. Deli Sandwich maker, sir?  I ordered your special..yes, the number 5.  Oh, it's quite delicious...probably the best sandwich I've ever had.  But, I think it's missing bacon. 

Don't get me wrong, this sandwich is beyond awesome.  I mean you hand carved the smoked turkey breast, you layered the thin cut roast beef between the pepper jack cheese, and the taste is phenomenal, but I think it's missing the bacon.  The only reason I say that is because it was highlighted on the specials board in the neon orange crayon and after I tried to unhinge my jaw to get my mouth around the beautiful fresh deli meats and cheeses, sliced vine-ripened tomatos, crisp lettuce and that great hard roll that has that crispy crust and soft chewy inside...well, it fell apart and I noticed the contents didn't include bacon.

Is that dijon mustard??? Oh my god this sandwich just keeps getting better and better, even with that french dijon awesome-sauce!  But still, you know what would make this sandwich even better? Bacon!  Which I am pretty certain was supposed to be on this sandwich.

Oh no sir, I don't think I want the bacon on it now...I mean, that is almost like having your awesome, hot looking girlfriend at the prom and you're having the best time, only to have the hottest girl (who is known to be the most randy of girls in high school) approach you both and say "Let's have a threesome." and your girlfriend agrees.  I mean, you know this would be soooooo awesome, but you'd feel guilty cheating like that on an already perfect sandwich..err I mean girlfriend!  Ohh bacon, you slut!

All kidding aside, this is best damn sandwich ever..but just imagine if it had bacon on it. 


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