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Look-A-Like: Remember when Ed Wade Starred on ALF?

These days, Ed Wade does wonderful things for the Phillies.  His tireless efforts have provided the Phillies with Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence... all for virutally nothing!

Once upon a time, however, you may remember he was actually a part of the Phillies' organization.  In those days, he did very little to help the club.  In fact he was awful!  Let's be grateful that he has worked his way out of the organization, a move that has allowed the Phillies to grow.

Here is someting about Wade you might not know.  Prior to his illustrious career in Major League Baseball, Wade was an actor... most notably starring in ALF!

Ed Wade on ALF

...Ed Wade, on set during the filming of ALF

Ed Wade Wiser and Older 

...The older and Wiser Ed Wade, and current GM of the Houston Astros

Ed Wade and ALF

Ed Wade and ALF, discussing the future of the Philadelphia Phillies!


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