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The Phillies’ New Nickname – The Battling Bastards of Broad Street

Philadelphia_Phillies This last week the traveling Phillies battled the defending World Series Champ Giants where they took 3 of 4 games and had a bench clearing tussle.  Phils1 Then they come back from 6 runs down to beat the LA Dodgers which included a 14 pitch at bat for Jimmy Rollins to lead off the game.  They not only lead all of baseball with the most wins they more importantly are leaving division rivals the Atlanta Braves in the dust. 

As I thought about just how amazing this team has performed this season I realized that this team needs a new nickname.  The old “Phighting Phils” nickname just doesn’t seem to fit this team of gun slinging pitchers and batters who seem to rise to the occasion when needed most.Phils2

I saw a TV show recently about the World War II battle of Bastogne where the US 101st Airborne when surrounded took the best that the German Army could throw at it and not only did they win the battle but turned the ultimate course of the whole war for the eventual final victory.  They became known as the Battling Bastards of Bastogne. 

Though I do not want to equate Major League Baseball to bloody warfare the Phillies were before the season started the team everyone was after.  Phils They were the team to beat with every MLB team circling their scheduled meetings with the Phillies.  Every night teams bring their ‘A” game against the Phillies including changing their starting pitcher rotations to get better matchups against the Phillies amazing starters. 

The Phillies have battled all season long as opposing teams have thrown their best at them.  They have battled many injuries including pitcher Roy Oswalt who also had to battle a tornado in his home town.  Players who most fans didn’t even know at the beginning of the season including rookie pitcher Vance Worley and Outfielder John Mayberry Jr. have stepped right into the mix and performed exceptionally. 

The hair on the back of neck stands up when I think about what will happen this October and beyond for the Phillies and their fans.  This new feeling needs a new name: 

The Battling Bastards of Broad Street fits the bill for this team. 

Go Phillies!




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