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NBA News: Other Concerns

I find it disturbing that most of the chatter in regards to the state of the NBA these days is not really focused on establishing a new collective bargaining agreement. The latest salvo was earlier this week when the NBA decided to file suit against the players association, stating that the union is being very difficult in the negotiation process for a new agreement. The NBA feels that their is a lack of commitment by the players and that they are leaning toward decertification of the union. Outside looking in I don't think there is a commitment from either side toward a new agreement, all I see is silly little posturing from everyone.

You have commissioner David Stern announcing that he will not accept his salary during the lockout, which seems to be a calculated shot at the players. By the way David Stern does make a little more then 20 million a year annually, so yeah who is he really fooling. You have Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant scoring 66 points in a street ball tourney at the fabled Rucker Park in NYC. Kobe Bryant of the Lakers and Derrick Rose of the Bulls are barnstorming over in Asia in various exhibition games. There is T-Wolves forward Michael Beasley shoving a fan at a summer league game, while over at another contest Lakers forward Matt Barnes punched a player on the opposing team......."Breaking News, NBA lockout increases player violence, details at eleven"....... How nice Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings has an internship over at Under Armour, which he endorses by the way. Heat superstar Lebron James on Twitter called out ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge for his unfair criticism of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Then there is NBA legend now TV analyst Charles Barkley whining about how he and pro golfer Tiger Woods haven't spoken in two years. You think these guys would have more immediate concerns in regards to the labor dispute then worrying about petty high school antics. Hey Lebron, where was Tebow when everyone but your mother was nitpicking about every little thing about your game or otherwise last season? Please Charles you are no one special, just join the long list of "friends" Tiger cutoff in the past year.

In addition you have a lengthy list of NBA players who have or are considering playing overseas. A week ago, the FIBA did give clearance to the players who are currently under contract in the NBA the option to pursue employment overseas. Seeing that all parties involved are not overly concerned about the source of their "bread and butter", I honestly think the 2011-2012 season is not going to happen.....nuff said

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