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Bring Peace and Joy With Love and Forgiveness

God's Love Sister Melannie Svoboda, S.N.D wrote in her Living Faith article, "God's Forgiving Love" that knowing we are loved colors our attitude toward life.

She went on to write the greatest love we have received is God's love for each one of us, a love that persists despite our sins and failings. God's love is a forgiving love. We are challenged to love in the same way.

Think of how great that love must be. His only son died a horrific death on a cross for us, yet we still selfishly offend him and receive his loving forgiveness.

As Sr. Melanie said, our challenge is to love the same way God loves. On the surface this seems to be an easy challenge, yet many family's cannot forgive each other, so how are they going to forgive strangers and those against them?

Fr. Kenneth E. Grabner, C.S.C writes in his Living Faith article "Loving God and Neighbor" when we are hurt by others, perhaps that's the time to say to God, "Lord, I know what you are asking of me, but I find it hard to forgive. Please give me the strength to forgive as you do and to love as you love."

 So, when you find yourself struggling to forgive, challenge yourself and ask the Lord to give you strength and to love as he does. Your love will bring peace and joy with the reward of eternal life.

Peace Be With You


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