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Phillies' Look-A-Like: Birthday Boy Chris Wheeler looks like...

Phillies' broadcaster Chris Wheel celebrated his 66th birthday Tuesday, and let me tell you, he looks amazing for his age.  I think it's the hair.  How he keeps his hair so healthy at that age is a mystery!

Another year older, another year wiser...  Wait a second, let me take that back.  The truth is, it is impossible to gain wisdom when you already know everything!  So unfortunately, we still have the same old Wheels.  Still the same old Wheelerisms (a double whomper, buggywhip, oh baby, something special, etc.)  ...and yes, he can still talk about a particular play for four-innings-plus.  In fact, I believe he was still talking about Gary Maddox's triple against the Dodgers on May 18, 1977 - how it happened, why it happened, and how the laws of physics allowed it to happen - in Tuesday night's game.

How do you honor a guy that has absolutely everything (the gift of knowledge)?  You make him the topic of our "Look-A-Like" segment!  So here we go... 

Who does Chris Wheeler look like?  Could he be...

Chris Wheeler Morrie's Wigs 

Morris Kessler, Owner of Morrie's Wigs (seriously, add the goatee)

Morrie's Wigs Wheels 

I'm telling you.. It must be the hair!!!


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