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2011 NFL preview: Dallas Cowboys


I do not really understand what is going on in Dallas. I suspect that Jason Garrett is trying to build the team his way, and has worked some kind of crazy magic on his owner Jerry Jones. I see them undoing some of the mistakes of the past few years, and really concentrating on building up the offensive line. That looks to be a pretty strong strategy. I just cannot believe the Cowboys were not in the middle of the free agent signing frenzy. Some how that makes the world seem a little bit weird or something.

That Roy Williams trade looks worse and worse when we remember what they gave up for that guy and he never really helped them all that much. He walks out of town and they get nothing in return, and that is what makes me think Garrett has a lot of sway over this origination right now. They drafted an OT, and signed another so they are serious about protecting QB Tony Romo and that should help this team win both now and later.

They also added some talent to the front seven on defense both in the draft and via free agency, but this team has not gone out and done anything crazy, anything that we would think Jones capable of given the spending spree some other NFL teams have gone through the past two weeks.

A year ago they were 6-10, and while I think they are better, I do not think they have made any large strides. Of course a year working under Garrett and learning what he expects could propel this team a little further, but they are clearly behind the Philadelphia Eagles and a step or two behind the New York Giants. That leaves them the Washington Redskins to beat up on, but they did lose a game to the Redskins last year.

Their bye week is in week five, and their first four are not exactly easy. They will begin at the New York Jets, than at San Francisco, the Redskins at home, and the upstart Detroit Lions at home. I see them able to split those games and head into the bye week 2-2. That is of course is everything falls their way. There is a very real possibility of a 1-3 start.

Even though on paper they look better, I do not see any real signs of marked improvement and looking over their schedule I see them once again having six wins. Maybe they win a few they shouldn't and wind up 8-8, but I think there is a long term plan in place here and as long as Garrett can keep Jones pacified he may get the chance to see said plan implemented.

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