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Will the NFL stop Dk’ing Around and End the Lockout

We are close. We made progress. Talks have progressed.


The NFL owners are leading the players and fans on a string and it will take a court order to save the 2011 National Football League season.

OK, I am not in New York, Dallas, or wherever they are meeting.

But I do know with ticket prices and PSL, personal seat licensing, the NFL has its consumers by the balls.

Excuse me ladies, ‘cause you are footing the bill, too.

So, imagine, this thing goes on through the season and longer …

Danny Watkins, the 26-year-old Baylor University lineman that the Eagles drafted in the first round of the April draft, was the talk of his Western Canadian town.

But having to wait more than five years to play, this is what Watkins looks like as he joins the Eagles’ offensive line. Danny watkins copy

Imagine, Donovan McNabb, still hot to trot to prove the Eagles and Redskins wrong, wants to play so badly, he agrees to wear the one thing he would not as a Redskin. Mcnabb copy

And seriously though: What about getting money for the aging retired veterans of the NFL. DaveCaneSM

 A serious matter.

The NFL owners will not pay a lick of attention to what the fans want until this happens. Chiefsblackout

 Sorry, sucker. You will lose me.

I will become a more serious hockey fan, if you play me for a fool.


Stop dk’ing around.

End this damn thing.


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