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Will The Lockout Hurt The Eagles?

There is considerable optimism coming from those involved in the NFL labor talks. The general concensus is that a deal will be reached possibly in as little as two weeks----just in time to avoid a shortened season. So, assuming (hoping) this is true my question is exactly how much will the lockout hurt the Philadelphia Eagles?

Here is my thought; the teams who figure to be hurt least are those teams with the most stability. For instance the NY Giants have made no changes to their coaching staff and their core players figure to return (that of course depends on how free agency will hit them, still unknown).  So they will have a shortened off season but should have the same players working with the same coaches in the same system with the same terminology they are accustomed to. Stability is key in overcoming the shortened off season.

The Eagles are also in a fairly stable situation with one major exception; Juan Castillo.

Juan-castillo1-e1296753776765 The Eagles defense was a liability in 2010 especially against the pass where they ranked 31st in the NFL. So enter a new defensive coordinator in Juan Castillo, the Eagles long time offensive line coach (replaced by Howard Mudd).

The move means the Eagles have new coaches in two key positions although Mudd is outstanding and I doubt there will be any issues there.

The concern is Castillo. He hasn't coached defense in a very, very long time and now must come in during an abbreviated off season and get his players familiarized with his system. Even if he is compelled to keep the same system the Eagles have run since the days of Jimmy Johnson there is still a learning curve for both coach and player.

It will be worth watching how the Eagles defense progresses, especially early on under Castillo.

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