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Theories about why so many New York fans invaded Cleveland

On my way into work coming into downtown Cleveland, I saw Yankees fans in front of me, behind me, to the left of me, to the right of me. Every year this same thing happens for the Boston Red Sox also for fans. Why so many? Where were they coming from?

1. They actually came from the Bronx. Its possible. Earlier in the year, I actually went to Yankee Stadium and walked around all of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx with my Cleveland Indians jerseys, hats and other tee-shirts from the local Indians team shops. If this theory is true, it is nice to see all these citizens of the Bronx coming into my town helping the local restaurants, vendors and parking attendants in the area. I say "Thanks for the support but I hope your Yankees lose." I say it politely of course and remain professional at all times.

2. They are Indians "front-runners." There are the fans that do not think the Indians are going to win or are going to choke in the end so they cheer for their favorite players like Jeter or A-Rod. Next week they won't be back. Unless its October. Some of them may be back after the Yankees leave and be back in Indians gear. I don't get it. At least with the Yankee fans, they are loyal with their team and they will not wear an opponent's jersey just to appease them. All the Indians fans did not wear Indians gear, just dark Yankee blue shirts and maybe an Indians cap when I was in New York.

3. They just want to look like they are "Cool". These fans say "I was an Indians fan back in the 1990's when they dominated the league but now the Yankees are playing .602 baseball so I stand with them." Some of us might call these fans "bandwagon fans" When I was younger I did this with teams because my Cleveland teams often did not even come close to playoffs. They also will dwindle if the Indians win in this series.

Whatever the reasons for liking the Yankees is fine but don't blame me for your team's loss tonight. Stand up for your team. I'll stand up for mine. Play on! Keep cheering Indians fans! Our time is coming...again!





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