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The Kid From Brooklyn - Freak You

The Big Man's weekly rant. The Kid From Brooklyn talks about how to get around using the "F" bomb!

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Along with 'Go freak yourself, the kid from the bronx has elected to change the "N-word" to "Sharpton"'s.
Since He's the biggest example of a n-word and the largest proclaimer to try to demand we change the language of the US for the last 200+ years its fitting. "Sharpton" = "N-word", simple.
Both mean 'shiftless, worthless,a user(with other peoples money) and abuser, a rabble rouser and generally worthless to the public.
In Other words,not an N-word, He's a "Sharpton"
Ex: Where'd all these sharptons come from all of a sudden?. Gott damn sharptons takin over, turning this neighborhood into a dump. Who the duck elected a sharpton to be president of the US?

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