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Rajon Rondo: Style and Grace, Now Add Pomposity!


Rondo2 The last time we saw an outfit of this caliber, Erich Von Stroheim was directing Marlene Dietrich in an orgy scene before the Hays Code changed movie history.

If only we could see the jodhpurs and riding crop, we’d be convinced that Rajon Rondo is the cock of the walk.

Out in Los Angeles to film some kind of Nike commercial, Rajon Rondo makes his entrance on the set like Norma Desmond has returned to the Celtics stable.

The ascot in Celtic green is, of course, de rigueur to any self-respecting fop of French art: jeunesse doree were the name of the peacocks of 19th century dandy life. They were all the rage in Paris.

If you don’t love Rajon Rondo, there is something wrong with you.

Style, grace, and now pomposity! What more can you want?

The new look certainly would put him in the pantheon of any Madonna song.

Strike a pose, indeed.

Garbo, Monroe, DiMaggio, Brando, and now Rondo.

If the lockout has forced players to find new ways to stay in the headlines, then Rondo will outdo them every time.

Oh, Dwight Howard can plank up a storm, and Kevin Durant wears silk pajamas on the way to China, but only Rajon dresses to the nines with attitude glasses.

You could find the same outfit on some jazz musicians during the Harlem Renaissance, but few would dare to play basketball with giants.

Boston once had the Little Professor, also known as Dominic DiMaggio, but never did we expect to have the Nutty Professor on a Boston team.

Move over, Mr. Blackwell. This is not some athlete like Brian Wilson showing up at the ESPYs in a spandex tuxedo, complete with Speedo bulge.

This Rondo is the elegant Cary Grant of a new generation, or do we mean Franklin Pangborn?  We always mix up our metaphors and our Hollywood icons.


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