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Plax Tweets His Love For The Birds

Former NY Giants and Pittsburg Steelers star wideout Plaxico Burress raised some eyebrows with a recent twitter post. The recently released from prison Burress was asked via twitter how long it would take him to sign with the Eagles.

Burress, who has reportedly been spending time of late with Eagles receiver  DeSean Jackson, responded  "as soon as they will have me."

Here is my take on it; while Plaxico would probably love to play for the Eagles, my guess is he would play for whomever would have him. He is  34 and has not played in over two years. He desperately needs to prove himself and re-establish himself as a bonafide NFL star.

I think the Eagles are likely to try and fill some gaping holes in their secondary before concerning themselves with wide receiver.

I am not saying Plaxico will not be an Eagle but just because he tweets about it does not make it so... 



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The Eagles will have to change their uniform color to orange to make all of the inmates feel at home!

LOL! They would be turning into the jailBIRDS....

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