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NBA News: The Decision - A year removed......



















"This fall I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat" - Lebron James

Where were you a year ago when that infamous statement was made? Where were you when the most polarizing athlete in sports today told the world what uniform he was going to be wearing? What was your reaction when he named the Miami Heat as his destination?

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of the ESPN Special - The Decision, where Lebron James sat across from Jim Gray and revealed to an anxious world where he was going to play next. Lebron's declaration changed the landscape of the NBA for years to come, some positive mostly negative. The hour-long-special alone offended many because Lebron tried to pass it off as a charity event. A simple press conference could of cinched it but he decided it to do it in a fashion that was unprecedented. The reaction was overwhelming, fans of James former team the Cleveland Cavaliers felt Lebron committed and act of betrayal. The once beloved prodigal son of Ohio was now the most hated man in the state. To the point that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert lashed out in a vicious open letter on the team's website. It was what followed that made "The Decision" even more interesting......Soon after free agent Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors announced that he was joining the Miami Heat and Dwayne Wade was going to resign forming a formidable super team. Between the concert like party the three new teammates gave to the fans and Lebron's declaration of winning multiple championships set off scores of debates.......Such as if Lebron James was taking the high road and acknowledging he can't lead a team to a championship.......The shock to find out that Wade, James, and Bosh were in collusion and the free agency recruitment process was a possible sham.......The feeling that this super team idea can do harm to the NBA and lessen the competitive balance in the league.......It was endless......Yet with all the negativity that the special set off a year ago, everyone remained dialed in. The casual and die-hard fans followed every move the Heat made. Teams around the league didn't stand for the perceived arrogance. Players were openly challenging the Heat and letting them know they are going to have to work to get a championship. So of course this led to some spectacular game play and a must see T.V. culture in the NBA.

Lebron's image took a hit in particular........In the seven years Lebron has been in the league he always maintained a positive image. You never heard Lebron getting involved in any off the court foolishness and always had a fun loving attitude toward the game. Since "The Decision" Lebron has developed an enemy of the state kind of image, in addition questions started to arise if Lebron can be clutch in close games. "The Decision" broke the rules in many ways but it sent a hard-line message to the owners, the fans, and the media, that the players are now running the show not the other way around. This was a message heard loud and clear a year ago.......nuff said

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