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NBA News: Outsourcing










Could New Jersey Nets star Deron Williams be looking to take his talents to Turkey?

It was reported yesterday that Williams agreed in principle to sign with the Turkish Club Besiktas. This is the same club that former NBA great Allen Iverson signed to last year when he couldn't get a contract with any of the teams in the league. Williams of course is doing this as insurance in case the NBA continues its self imposed lockout until the fall. As of June 30th the Collective Bargaining Agreement expired and unfortunately the owners and the players association did not have a new deal in place. Seeing how both sides are so far apart in regards to certain instances, its highly unlikely a new deal will be established anytime soon. What makes this a little complicated is that Williams is still under contract with the Nets for the next two years before becoming a free-agent in 2013 and if by chance he gets hurt playing over in Turkey, the Nets are not obligated to pay him the remainder of his contract. That is the cruel joke in all this......Most people would say why would Williams or any other NBA player take such a calculated risk. For one the players can suffer from the inactivity.....If this lockout cancels the entire season as predicted, the players need an alternative. Its not only about the money, its about maintaining their craft. Players are creatures of habit and if their routine is broken their games suffer. Whenever a player suffers a major injury, why do you think it takes time for them to return to their regular form.......A long layoff can have the same effect.......This also could be an opportunity for the players to thumb their noses at the owners for locking them out.

When the news broke about Williams, NBA players union vice president Roger Mason Jr. stated that he fielded several calls from players, most notably Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks about playing overseas. Mason said it was a fact finding expedition on the players part in regards to the rules and their obligations to the NBA. Williams contract does have the stipulation if and when the lockout is lifted he can break ties with Besiktas and return to the Nets.

Both the owners and the players are playing with fire if the lockout continues because they just run the risk of losing their fan-ship. After having a very productive season where ratings and interest was at an all time high, this continued conflict only puts possible harm to the NBA brand.........I don't think that is something neither the players or the owners can afford........nuff said

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