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NBA News: Lets have a meeting

It was reported Tuesday that staff members of the NBA and players association are coming together on Friday for their first meeting to discuss a new collective bargaining agreement since the old one expired back on June 30th and currently has the NBA in the middle of a lockout. Word has it that Commissioner David Stern, union executive director Billy Hunter, plus players and owners will not be attending this meeting.

What are they all playing golf or something? I love how last week it was reported that the league office had layoffs in addition a number of teams let some staff go and the key elements who are haggling over a new deal are not attending the meeting.

Look both sides failed to put a new agreement together before the old one expired, you would think after being so "far apart" in the negotiations Stern, Hunter, the players and the owners would hit the ground running. The NBA had the audacity to release the complete 2011-2012 schedule yesterday with no deal in place. That showed a lot of balls on their part with the specter of a work stoppage that may cut into the season or be cancelled altogether. Several franchises are claiming that they have been hemorrhaging money under the old deal and want to see more of the revenue in their favor this time around. Of course the players feel that is nonsense and that the owners are just selling everyone fiction. Whatever the case may be, the owners and the players are not going to suffer initially, it will be the average joe. The working man, the ones who hold the infrastructure of these franchises together. They would like to have you believe the layoffs had nothing to do with the lockout, but who are they kidding..........I have always learned in working for corporate america no deal, no job security.......nuff said

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hmmm.. maybe they are just doing nonsense i agree to you..

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