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Have you heard what the Dodgers are doing to save money?

(The following is fictional.)

All broken bats must be tapped and reused.

Before each game actual bulls will graze in the bullpen.

Fans must bring their own TP to the games.

All balls hit into the stands must be returned for further use.

Broadcasters will not travel with the team, as all road games will be announced from Los Angeles.

Fans attending batting practice will have to pay an extra fee.

There will be on attendance charge for the first 5 innings and a second charge for the final 4 innings.

There will be no food served in the press box.

Parking fees will be based upon the number of occupants in each vehicle.

The player’s post game meal will be from fast food franchises.

The team will charge for players to provide autographs.

Fans leaving before the game is over will have to pay an exit fee when they leave the parking lot.

Umpires will be charged to use the umpires’ room.

The players must pay to have their uniforms cleaned and repaired.

Empty parking spaces will be rented out for RV’s to park overnight.


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