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Cowboys Tony Romo: Golf Player or NFL QB?

T_romo Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo had a great weekend of golf at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe.  He came in second. 


As a fan of golf, I admire the level of time and effort it takes to be that good of a golf player.  I am also glad to see that an NFL player is doing something productive with his time off unlike the continuous stream of NFL players that have gotten themselves in trouble over the last few weeks including Bengals RB Cedric Benson. 

As a fan of football, I freaking hate it.  I want my QB to be in the gym squatting twice his weight and running wind sprints until he has those embarrassing sweat stains in private areas. 

As a Romo fan and a Cowboys fan I am beginning to wonder where his priorities lie.  No golfer is doing any of those exercises listed above when in a 4 day golf tournament. 

Romo: NFL AB or Golfer Wanna Be?  Win a Super Bowl or the British Open because you can’t do both.


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