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Confessions of a Pig: Women's Soccer

Oink oink! Like a lot of my fellow US Americans, my Sunday focus was on the U.S. women's soccer team as they battled Japan for the World Cup title. I like soccer. I mean, I like it about every two years. I watch the men's World Cup, watch the women's World Cup the next year, then rest for two years, then back to the men's World Cup, etc.

But when it comes to the female competition, I have an increasingly difficult time following the actual game, mostly because I find ogling the beautiful participants a novel distraction. It even serves as a warm-up to then Googling the beautiful participants, and before long, I am looking at a full computer screen of sweaty, seductive Hope Solos.

Is the game over yet?

I'm wondering this: do female baseball fans have the same problem? I mean, I know that the ladies love their baseballers... I can't tell ya how many times my cousin Holly has declared her undying love for Jimmy Edmonds with his shirt off and one of my sisters never shuts up about what she'd do to Adam Wainwright; but seriously, do women lose track of what's actually happening during the game because of that lust?

While I wait for your answer, you can find me on Alex Morgan's website. I might be there a while.

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm right.




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