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Clint Hurdle Is Having A Blast In Pittsburgh

Hurdle Last fall, plenty of friends cautioned Clint Hurdle against becoming the next Pittsburgh Pirates manager. Hurdle insisted that Pittsburgh was where he belonged.

His plan for rebuilding the Pirates included creating a more positive environment and executing what he termed the "Essential Tenets of Success".

The Pirates have not enjoyed a winning season since 1992, but a winning season is not Hurdle's goal, he has set the bar at championship level. At 45-42, they may not be at that level, but they sure are being noticed.

Gene Collier, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, noted in his article "This team's problems are hardly problems" that the Pirates have some how surged in the standings while playing two - four AAA players and one or two waiver-wire claims.

"It's a tribute to our scouts and our player development people going three years back," said Hurdle.

Karen Price, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, reported in her article "Pirates begin discussions on trade deadline" that Tuesday Hurdle acknowledge that with 10 players on the DL, getting some guys back healthy could add to the club without going outside the organization.

"If you want to look at third base, it'd be nice to have the Pedro Alvarez that you saw last year in August and September back at third base. That would make usa dramatically different ball club right away. Whether Ohlendorf gets healthy, where he would fit.... Beimel would definitely help in the bullpen. We have a number of guys who, upon health, would help us," Hurdle said.

Hurdle is pleased with his current players and wants the Pirates to be smart with any move they make. He wants to be sure they bring in good skill-set players that will fit in the clubhouse well.

"I've had a lot of different teams, but this team is an absolute blast to manage. This is a group who is truly committed to one thing every day and that is winning the ballgame, and nobody in that clubhouse cares who gets the credit," said Hurdle.



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