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These are the days that try a team's soul but make a team better.

The Cleveland Indians finished 1-6 on the current homestand. The Indians are 8-13 since May 18th, 2011. They were swept by the Rangers and lost 2 out of 3 to the last place Twins. These are the hard cold facts. You just have to follow Twitter and realize something is wrong. Less positive and more negative. Some people refuse to tweet since the team is struggling. So what shall we do, give up?

I refuse to give up. I predicted Detroit would win the AL Central. The Indians I predicted would be 81-81. Both may still happen. However, I would like to say that to have this team where they are is amazing but how they got there is frustrating because of how it is perceived. If we started out 0-6 and now were 35-26 and 1/2 game in front for the best record as Boston is currently, we might feel ecstatic. However, Cleveland, who started out 18-8 at the end of April and now are 34-26, we feel it slipping away and act as though 90 losses are inevitable. This is how it was perceived by the media and many fans. Boston the best, Cleveland one of the worst

So should we fans of the Cleveland Indians just accept this? Should we just hand Boston the AL title? Right now it looks as if this is inevitable, so why cheer? Why try? If we took this philosophy into everything we do and did, we would be hopeless.

I am a man who is driven by faith, hope and love. I know that the Indians are driven too to believe. Otherwise 18 wins in April would not be possible. They are driven to hope that better times are ahead for the franchise. They are driven to love this team and support it as are us fans

I understood losing to the AL Champion Rangers. What bothered me was losing to the Minnesota Twins. Now we head for New York and Detroit. I hope the Indians get back to the FUN da mentals and play 1 game at a time without worrying about the 1st place status. I think the Indians will do a lot better to do what got them to 18-8. A "Smart, fundamental, move the runner, score the run, pitch strikes, don't walk runners, shut down the opponent with quality pitches" philosophy would do wonders for this team. This philosophy had doubters and the Indians were out to prove us doubters wrong in April. Now in June, these doubters are saying "I told you so." They need to get back to proving doubters wrong and playing right, making every moment count.

I leave for NYC later today and hope as I will see the Indians Friday what fight they can muster up. This road trip, I pray will make them better. I hope that the team's soul can be resurrected and stay competitive. We shall see...









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