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Rory Mcllory is No Tiger.... Yet



Rory McIllroy put on a clinic at Congressional. No one could stop him from the minute he stepped onto the greens in Bethesda. His 16 under score was the lowest in U.S. Open History!! Not even Tiger Woods could do that. But thats where the comparisons stop. 

Yes, McIllroy played flawlessley during the four rounds, but lets remember this is only his FIRST major win. A lot of unknowns have won a major golf tournament and then gone on to dissappear for the majority of their careers.

So it is not if McIllroy has become a legend or is surpassing Tiger as the new poster boy for golf. No, the Irishman just simply put on one of the greatest performances in the history of golf.

And give the guy a break. The man won the Open without Tiger in the field (who knows what would have happened had Tiger been in it), and McIllroy has done nothing to earn the status of the next Tiger yet, by just winning the Open.

It astounded me that respect ESPN columnist, Gene Wojciechowski, said Mcllroy was the next icon and next Tiger.

How can people be so quick to anoint this brilliant but very young star as the golden boy?

It reminds me of Scottie Pippen's rediculous comments about how Lebron is going to be the best player ever, better than MJ. That was absurd, just for the simple fact that Lebron hadn't even won his major, a title.

I will not dispute that Mcllroy has the talent and image to be the face of golf. He has the innocent smile, the rampant black hair, and a youthful face. What more could you want?  And he also has a mean swing. So by no stretch is it impossible for him to reach Tiger-like status or above.

But until Mcllroy has proven he can hold leads(see Augusta) and win multiple majors, no one should even think about him being able to break Nicklaus' major record of 18 or that he will overtake Tiger.

Let's all settle down folks, the kid is just 22. There is no need to put enormous amounts of pressure   on him, my God, let him enjoy and savor his first major for a little. 


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