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QB Tim Tebow Writes a Book, but Can He Read One?


Yes, the world has come full circle.

Another Tim, named Tim Donaghy, ex-con and ex-NBA referee, went to a fancy college and graduated as an English major. Later, he admitted he finished the program of literature study by never reading a single book.

Now, history repeats itself. University of Florida scholar Tim Tebow has penned (is that the right word?) his own hefty tome called Through My Eyes.  Of course, you can find it on e-book and spare yourself the embarrassment of carrying Tebow’s 256-page book around.

How much was dictated while he wore his fancy Jockey underwear? As a wordsmith, Tim may be a true believer.

We do know that Tim can shake his big endorsement moneymaker, even with a lockout looming. Harpercollins has paid for the privilege of thrilling hard-nosed football fans with the life and times of a Denver Bronco who has played a half-dozen professional games.

Though Tim has accomplished nothing much in his life, except being saved by his religion, that simple fact seems enough for him to spread the gospel of good news.

Tebow is another handicapped athlete, not by drugs or crime, or even growing up in cultural deprivation.  Tim’s hardship and battle came with dyslexia, which apparently didn’t stop him from hiring a ghostwriter to spellcheck the manuscript.

Nathan Whitaker has now a cottage industry of finding the sports figures that have seen the light and want to spread the word, literally. Whitaker also wrote Tony Dungy’s inspirational book.

But, Tebow is more like David Copperfield. He starts out being born. We may have to plod through many pages to discover he becomes a man at some point, but not through cohabitation with women.

Tebow has had a charmed life so far, and he even believes his concussions were miraculously cured by his faith. 

For those looking for college escapades that show Tebow’s wild side, those readers might be better off reading the life of Joe Namath or at least consulting the website of Terez Owens.

Reading about Tim Tebow’s life is better than taking a sleep aid, and it’s not addictive at all. Tebow meets some minor celebrities along the way, and he is a prig of the first order. 

How many pages you can take may have a direct correlation on your chances of getting into Heaven.


William Russo has written a few books of his own and wishes Tim Tebow would read one and post a review. Russo recommends GREAT SPORTS STORIES: THE LEGENDARY FILMS to Tebow because SEX, DRUGS, SPORTS & WHIMSY will offend him.



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