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Photography and more! Me and my Subaru!

Ok,  here I go..this photo Subaru seemed interested in after I told them what I had did  I described the photo as myself over my mileage on my car. 

They said, "If it looks intesting enough, we'll post it on our website". 

It took about a week..but they liked it, and it did get posted.

Here is the link:

Subaru Site

Here is the photo:












This is two photos, one layered over the other. It takes a bit of adjustment..but usually after it's done, the photo looks pretty great!

The story about why I took this photo relates to my work companions at Steelcase. I keep telling them I was getting close to 300,000 on my Subaru..every day they would ask me..did you make it yet? when I did, I made this photo, and mailed them both a copy.  

They thought it was pretty neat. Anytime I talk with them now after retirement....they always many miles??

 Here is another photo I did, more mileage...I thought it was interesting mileage..



Subarumeand moon

















This photo contains 3 photos, the car, the mileage, and the moon is from when the moon was so bright this year, 2011.

Marvin Waid 



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