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Now that Basketball and Hockey Are Done, Is Baseball Enough?

It is mid-June and a down time for some, let’s say, the casual fan who has fleeting interest in pro basketball, hockey, football and baseball.

For him/her, all that is left is baseball.

It is enough?

Heck, it is almost July and football training camps, free agency, retirements, etc. is just around the corner.

But wait, even in the best case situation, football is at least 30-60 days away. Once the lockout is lifted, the new CBA has to be hammered out.

Until then …


But really, there are other sports. Heck, the U.S. Open is happening this weekend.

Oh, yeah. No Tiger.

The basketball courts have been locked. Shane victorino basketball

Leaving baseball.

The hockey training facilities closed. Ruiz ice rink

Leaving baseball.

My friends and I were having dinner about a month ago and we asked each other, is baseball enough?

Yes, yes and yes.

But then again we are weird.

Something about the double play.

The rare triple play, as shown by Eric Brunlett of the Phillies a few years ago.


Here is the possible situation: bases loaded, no outs. A shot is hit up the middle and the runners take off.

Brunlett catches the ball for one out.

He tags the bag for the second out and the runner coming from first for the third out.

It happens in an eye blink.

Freaking baseball.

It’s that for you sports fans, but then again, there is also this.





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