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NBA News: Pippen gives a Retraction

So NBA Hall of Famer and team ambassador for the Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen caused a bit of a fuss last month commenting on Mike & Mike for ESPN Radio that while Michael Jordan “is probably the greatest scorer,” Lebron James “may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Of course Scottie took some major flack for his vivid observation by the media, fans and his peers. Last Friday while attending a youth camp, Pippen said to reporters that he thinks his comments were "taken a little bit out of context" and he was simply giving "Lebron some props as a player". In addition Pippen did clarify that his former teammate with the Chicago Bulls, is the best player ever.

I wonder what made Pippen retract his outlandish comments from last month? Was it because Lebron James frequent meltdowns or panic attacks he was having during the NBA finals? No wait it was probably when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told Scottie in an open letter on his website, that he can take his comments and go stick it.......Maybe it was the city of Chicago and Bulls fans everywhere demanding that Pippen be stripped of his title as team ambassador because he seemingly committed an act of treason against the great one?

Scottie claims that he and Jordan have spoken several times since giving that not so popular opinion and everything is fine between them. Funny how even until now, Jordan has said nothing.......Is the topic beneath him or is he just letting his body of work speak for itself.........I would bet Jordan is probably thinking in both instances. This may sound a little strange but Pippen made these comments right after James and the Miami Heat eliminated the Bulls in the Eastern conference final, maybe the compliment was a mental trigger on Lebron's part. Think about it, Lebron destroyed the Celtics in the semi-finals and danced all over the Bulls in the next round, to end up being uninvolved against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA finals. Lebron did find what Pippen said quite flattering but how do we know it didn't scare him as well......Jordan has been notorious over the years of planting seeds of doubt in his opponents, could Pippen be taking a page out of that book. Is it so far-fetched, Lebron just finished off the team that Pippen won six-championships for and then all of a sudden he is going to put James on a pedestal on par with Jordan........that doesn't make any sense.........Lebron's past performances on the big stage has always been questionable and with the NBA finals looming all he needs to hear from Scottie Pippen is that he could be the greatest player to ever play the game.....Makes you wonder if Scottie really painted a target on his own back or Lebrons.......nuff said.

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I think Pippen's comment went to Lebron's head Rich. He didn't deny what Pippen said, he just was flattered. However, during the Finals I think Lebron thoguht too highly of himself and just expected to rediculous shots to go in or to be able to turn it on whenever but that was not the case.
As for Pippen and Jordan's friendship, I find it hard to believe that there were not some harsh words between Jordan and Pippen. All can not be fine and dandy if your teammate says someone who is talented yet hasn't won a championship is better than you.

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