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NBA News: Miami Heat -Too Big to Fail










A fitting title for a team that had huge expectations even before the 2010-2011 NBA season began......Well huge expectations for themselves.....Hey you know what, that is what each of the 30 teams in the NBA play and strive for each year, to win it all. The Miami Heat who in most accounts were labeled the villains in the NBA were 2-wins away from doing it. As much as Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade dislike that "villain" distinction, they are the instigators of their own bad press.

Lebron started it off when he had that televised announcement last summer on ESPN, stating he was taking his talents to South Beach. Then it was followed by that huge concert like celebration that was given announcing the get together of this new "Big Three". Followed by the grand standing and the boasting they are going to win consecutive championships. Why should they be surprised that their peers, the media, and the fans of the NBA were overwhelming not appreciating this squad. Outside of Miami, there was a very low percentage of people who had faith in this team. The Heat heard the usual criticism throughout the season, Lebron and Wade can't compliment each other, Bosh is a soft big man and their supporting cast is weak, things of that nature. In addition questions arose that their Head coach Erik Spoelstra was too inexperienced and not strong enough to handle this talented roster. To top it off they struggled at the beginning of the season so that just fueled the overwhelming doubt even more.....Then when it looked like the Heat were getting it together, questions about their win-loss record got stirred up. The majority of their wins were against sub .500 teams, and they had a huge margin of losses against the contenders.

After being man-handled throughout the season by the Boston Celtics and the surprisingly resurgent Chicago Bulls, there was huge doubt that the Heat would go deep in the playoffs. Coming into the playoffs as the number 2 seed in the Eastern Conference the true test for the Heat was to begin. After dispatching the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round, their next opponent was the Boston Celtics. Now that Lebron James was aligned with the help he didn't get while he was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, there was no more room for excuses. In stunning and dominate fashion Lebron and the Heat closed out the Celtics in 5 games. The Heat followed that up by beating the Chicago Bulls in five games in the Eastern Conference finals. The Heat seemed like they were on the top of the world because they basically laid waste to two teams that owned them in the regular season. Boston and Chicago held the distinction that they were defensively equipped to handle the Heat, and had a stronger roster.

Going into the NBA finals the Heat were a heavy favorite, due to the fact that they were more superstar laden then their opponent the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks were the overwhelming fan favorite based on the hatred of the Heat. All that changed when the Mavs dispatched the Heat in a grueling six game final. To the world it looked like the Mavs exposed the Heat and taught them a lesson humility, its about team not just superstars. The finals also seemed to reinforce the suspicion that Lebron can't handle the pressure of big games and his superstar status is a joke. Time and time again he was sub par in the Finals to the point he posted a career playoff low of eight points in one of the Heats losses. The knock was that again James failed to show up in the big spot regardless of aligning himself with Wade and Bosh. It didn't help in the post-game when Lebron implied that all those who wanted the Heat to fail can get back to their life and personal problems........Hey say how you feel, was it the forum for it? nooooo, but hey it never stopped you before from saying something ignorant.

Okay the fact that the normal folk hated on the Heat so much is foolish. You are going to have your supporters and you are going to have your haters, not everyone is going to love you. Lebron and the rest of his teammates have to take responsibility for their actions. Lebron had every right to come too Miami and try to win a title....How he left Cleveland holding the bag and was initially defiant about it was very arrogant on his part. You reap what you sow. Lebron stated he didn't want to be one of those players who is chasing a title and never get it, so he had to do what was best for him. This was based on the lack of help he was getting in Cleveland, but after two straight MVPs and the best record in the league I don't see what the problem was and I'm sure neither did the owner Dan Gilbert. "The King" and the "Chosen one" which Lebron has tattooed on his body flaked in the middle of last years playoff series versus the Celtics......It still boggles my mind how clearly no one on the Celtics could stop him and then all of a sudden in a span of three games he went cold. The Celtics were even wondering what was up with him......Lebron expected everyone to really believe he went as far as he could with Cleveland with no help and that warranted him bouncing the way he did......I don't recall anyone holding Dan Gilbert primarily responsible for Lebrons departure, especially when the fans were burning and dumping Lebron's jersey after he made his "Decision".

Scottie Pippen didn't help the situation with that remark he made prior to the Finals, that Michael Jordan was perhaps the best scorer and Lebron could be the best all around player. Of course many felt that what has Lebron done so far to even be mentioned in Jordans class, much less with any of the other NBA legends. Chris Bosh took some flack, because it was felt that he wasn't tough enough. Bosh wears his heart on his sleeve and its unfortunate he was the subject of repeated assaults by the media and critics. Yet through all the insults and wise cracks about his manhood, Bosh played through it. As for Wade, who manipulated the get together came off as the hero and holder of a championship from 06'. Spoelstra is taking a hit now, because many feel he got out coached by Rick Carlisle in the finals and wondered if he is suitable enough to lead this team.

The Heat felt that the majority hated them so much they wanted to see them fail, yet they don't seem to understand that the majority wanted to see you prove your greatness. Justify the get together, prove yourselves in the big spots, win a championship. Because in the end when you validate your very existence, those who hate you have no choice but to respect you. Give Dallas credit for bringing the Heat back to reality and showing them how its really done.

Hopefully it makes Wade and especially Lebron go learn how to play without the ball. Hopefully it makes Lebron continue to work on his jumper and add low post moves to his game so he can stop wigging out down the stretch. Hopefully Bosh grows some and demands the ball more. Hopefully Spoelstra gets the courage and tell these guys the things they need to improve upon. Pat Riley can't do it for him, it has to come from Spoelstra.......Look we don't need to hear how great the Heat is, they need to go out and show it to us......Love them or hate them, prove it.....nuff said

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