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NBA News: Is Lebron the man?













Game 3 of the 2011 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks was a thriller in itself. You saw the Heat's Dwayne Wade single handily carve up Dallas's defense to finish with 29 points and 11 rebounds. Wade led by example, he was determined from the get go that he and the Heat were going to win game 3. Wade's star opponent was Dirk Nowitzki who also tried to lead by example. Wade and Dirk know each other all to well......They have done this dance before on the same stage back in the '06 Finals, same teams, same circumstances, for the gold. In the end Wade walked away with the "chip" and the finals MVP. Dirk who had 34 points and 11 rebounds was doing his best not to see that ending again. Since the Heat beat the Mavs 88-86 to go up 2-1 in the series, the Heat are 2-steps from making that ugly nightmare happen again for Dirk. Look Dirk and crew wanted to follow-up on that brutal loss that they handed Miami in game 2, unfortunately in game 3 Dirk couldn't execute down the stretch. Unlike Dwayne Wade, Dirk didn't really have the help to get this one......Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd didn't have a single score in the 4th quarter......Wade however got help from Chris Bosh who knocked down a 16-footer for the winning basket.......Lost in the shuffle and the hoopla was Lebron James who is being held under the tiniest of microscopes. James who had a quiet 17 points, nine rebounds, plus 4 turnovers was nowhere to be found in the fourth, at least offensively. Regardless of the win everyone seemingly is beating on Lebron for his so-so performance in this game. At one point Wade was yelling at him to get going, pleading with Lebron that he can't do it by himself......which is good, that is what Wade should be doing as a leader.....Wait up, I said the key word and that is "leader".
Look nobody can't over-blow Wade's on-court tirades, because Bosh got it, Mario Chalmers got it, everyone got it.....The one thing everyone seems to be beating up on Lebron about was where was his leadership and why does he seem to have this bad habit of going cold in the 4th quarter. Lebron seemed to be rid of that distinction with the way he closed out key games in the playoffs against Boston and Chicago. In the finals so far Lebron has seemed to have revert back to his old ways. Look Wade was seeing heavy double teams in the 4th quarter and it would of been nice if Lebron was there to back him up.......Lebron got a little snippy at a reporter in the post-game news conference when the subject was brought up. The reporter implied that Lebron seems to have a tendency to shrink in the 4th quarter and he asked Lebron why does it happen......Lebron obviously annoyed by the question answered that he has contributed in other ways, especially defensively just look at the stat sheet.......Is he right? perhaps, Did they win? yup......
Look the reason Lebron was able to flourish against the Celtics and the Bulls, because he had them back peddling. James didn't give them the chance to establish their half-court sets and he dominated in transition. However Dallas has seemed to expose Lebron's weakness making him create in the half-court causing him to defer or turnover the ball.....With all that fire power the Mavs have to deal with, they better do something because Wade alone is a handful. Looking at all this malice that is thrown around no matter what Lebron does he can't win......The little jab he got from the reporter in the post-game is nothing new and there is more from where that came from. Lebron is his own worst enemy....reason being when he joined up with Wade and Bosh he automatically turned in his superstar status, where he was once a force on his own in Cleveland and is now cowering under Wade's shadow to win a championship......Very few people accepted the idea that James was lining himself with a talented bunch to win the chip......Next up everyone wants to test Lebron's ego, can he really stand being second banana to D-Wade. Wade has claimed time and time again, that he is the captain of the Heat, he is the leader, they go as far as he goes........Wade is within his right, he does already have a ring with this team....The question is can Lebron's ego accept that? If they win who do you think they are going to name MVP? What if he feels that he has to force it the rest of the way, to again prove to the naysayers that he can hold his own in the 4th quarter? Does he want to risk that to end up making bad judgements that may cost them the Championship.....Is he going to let the media and his ignorant handlers get in his head......Then of course you know who is going to get the blame if the Heat lose......All your going to hear is Lebron didn't step up, he flaked again in the big stage......They are going to say his ego doesn't allow him to do what he needs to do to win........That is the sad apart about it, with two games away from winning the whole thing Lebron has a real "Decision" to make, and its not involving taking his talents to South Beach.......nuff said
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Lebron is a great player but for him to be considered great in this league by the media and fans he will have to wins the MVP'S in the Finals each time

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