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NBA News: Grumpy Old Men

Can we say this is one of those instances where, careful what you ask for, you just might get it......I'm referring to last weeks staggering comments made by Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen who said that his fellow hall of fame alum Michael Jordan was the best scorer in the game and that Lebron James is the best all-around player and can possibly surpass Jordan in being the greatest of all time. Now Pippen received a whole lot of backlash in regards to his comments. Accusations that he was taking a shot at his former teammate that he won six championships with when they were on the Chicago Bulls. Things like what was the basis for such a comment? Where are Lebrons championships to back it up? Things of that nature were said......Oddly enough though there were those who actually agreed with what Pippen said.......They agreed that Lebrons physique is far better then Mikes, that statistically he has accomplished more in a quicker pace then Jordan has. Lebron got to his first NBA Finals in a shorter amount of time then Michael did......James appreciated the winning endorsement but noted that he has a long way to go to be in Michael's class much less be in the conversation of other NBA greats.......You what know Lebron, one NBA great just might agree with you on that.......

In an open letter that appeared on his website, Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took Pippens comments to task. Not only he admonished Pippen for saying such a thing in regards to Lebron, he pretty much took Pippen to the woodshed in regards to Jordan as well, but not the way you think......

After reading that can you say Pippen opened up a can of worms......Kareem took it upon himself to throw the stat sheet at Pippen despite the era and in some instances categories they didn't keep track of when Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain were playing. Kareem acknowledged that despite Jordan's accomplishments there are feats and a number of championships missing from his resume that doesn't warrant the claim of best ever......Does Kareem have a good point?.....yes he does.....It hurts that there were actually a couple of stats the NBA didn't keep track of at the time because if they did I don't think there would be an argument..........The fact that Kareem stuck up for a now deceased Chamberlain is wild in itself but Pippen is just basically drawing the ire of his peers which comes to no shock. Hey look you can say whatever you want but Pippen did cross the line when he said what he said......Look if you want to say Lebron is the best player hangs down right now, currently playing, fine I don't think anyone is going to dispute you on that. Look I don't think there can be a clear cut number one, due to the fact you are comparing eras, number of teams in the league, the stats that was actually counted, the squads you did it with......all of that stuff gets tossed around and its hard to give that entitlement out......

The one person who has been quiet about this is Jordan. Mike always ignored what anyone said and just let his game do the talking......Well he is retired now, so he doesn't have that luxury anymore......I wouldn't put it past Mike to take a shot, his ego wouldn't allow him to keep silent..........God help you if and when Mike opens his mouth, remember his Hall of Fame speech........nuff said

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