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NBA News: As the NBA Turns

Well I haven't ranted for a little bit, since I'm still trying to get over the fact there hasn't been any games since the Finals ended over a week ago. Looking at how the union and the owners are trying to hammer out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the current one expires on June 30th, we may not see the NBA for a while indefinitely. All I hear is that they are meeting as frequent as possible, but it just ends up with both sides are still far apart. In addition there is the looming threat that the owners may propose a lockout if a deal is not hashed out by the deadline. The sticking point is that the owners do not want to budge on their stance for a hard salary cap. The NBA doesn't need a repeat of 1999 when they last had a strike shortened season. With the way ratings and fan-ship has shot up through the roof this season, can the NBA afford to test the fans patience. The NFL is already walking that fine line trying to resolve their own league issues in that regard, the NBA should do their best not to follow suit.

The 2011 NBA Draft was out in New Jersey last night. To me the only highlight was all the trade moves that were done during the draft. This draft class is horrible, its only a wait and see with these guys. I don't think there is one player you can honestly say is going to make an immediate impact in the NBA. Teams slightly upgraded their rosters with the number of veterans that were included in the draft rights swap, so if anything that was the only positive from last night.

Yesterday Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest filed a petition to have his name legally changed to "Metta World Peace".......really, really? How about he change his name to "Biggest ass-clown in the NBA" lets see the league try to fit that on the back of his jersey. I'm going to steal a line from Arsenio Hall in "Coming to America"....His momma named Artest, I'm going to call him Artest......

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is going to pay for the $341k bill for the parade the city of Dallas threw for the newly crowned NBA champions. Very generous on Cubans part to pick up the tab, I know the city council was much obliged that he volunteered to cover that hefty expense. I wonder if Cuban bailed out Mavs guard Deshawn Stevenson when he got busted for public intoxication down in Miami?

Has Kobe talked to newly hired Lakers head coach Mike Brown yet? To be honest with you what is there really to talk about, they can talk when training camp starts.....Kobe should send him a gift basket with a card saying "Welcome to the Lakers, good luck".......

Recently retired Shaquille O'Neal seems to have gang related and sex tape issues. Shaq is wasting no time in entering the world of Reality T.V. after closing his stellar career in the NBA.

Finally we get the latest denial from team president and general manager of the Miami Heat Pat Riley. Riley insists that he is not going to come back to coach the Heat. No really, Riley is not going to stab Erik Spoelstra in the back like he did Stan Van Gundy in 06' to win a championship.......Yeah will see if Riley keeps his word on that one......nuff said

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