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LeBron's Performance Proves He's No Jordan

I don't usually like to write people or teams off when it comes to small sample sizes.  Generally, when examining a player's impact, one must look at their entire career.  They should not be judged on one game or one series alone. However, I am going to make an exception to this rule after a performance last night from the so-called "Chosen One."

Scottie Pippen made headlines last week when he said that LeBron James, the ringless king, could ultimately end up a greater player than Michael Jordan.  He was roundly criticized by the media, fans and players for voicing such blasphemy, particularly about his own teammate.  All the critics would have never said that LeBron was a greater player at the time, but few would  argue that he has the physical talents to reach the level of superiority that Jordan achieved.

Four games into the 2011 NBA Finals and evidently what LeBron lacks isn't physical dominance, it is the mental game that separates him from Jordan.  Michael Jordan would have never posted a performance like LeBron did last night: 3-14 from the floor, 8 points total, one missed shot and two turnovers in the fourth quarter.  Jordan never played that poorly.  At no point in his NBA Finals appearances did he ever score fewer than twenty points.  Jordan's teams lost games in the finals, yes, but by no fault of him.  Jordan wanted every big shot he could take.  And when he decided that he would take a game over, there was no stopping him.  He simply out-desired his opponents.

LeBron simply cannot flip the switch like Jordan in the finals.  LeBron supporters point to his outstanding defense and that he has played 176 of the 192 minutes in the finals thus far.  Certainly LeBron's defense has been exemplary and he did look gassed at the end of game four.  But Jordan scored all of those points while guarding the opposing team's best player AND playing that many minutes.  Jordan did everything that LeBron is doing, but at a higher level.

The silly LeBron and Jordan comparisons need to stop.  LeBron is an immensely talented player.  He is arguably the best player in the league right now.  And I know referencing simply just this finals goes against resorting to small samples sizes.  But sometimes the writing on the wall is clear.  LeBron will never be Jordan. It looks like NBA fans will continue to wait for the real chosen one.


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