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iPhone 5/4S could be in 1080P

Apple_rainbow_logo Future iPhones and iOS devices should feature 1080P HD videos due to innovations in iOS 5.  When Steve Jobs and Apple introduced iOS 5 earlier this week, the ability to play 1080P videos were not mentioned, but new developments in beta testing have proved otherwise.

Apple consumers are very tech-savvy, so combining the highest quality video output to match their iOS device can be a huge selling point to not only consumers around the country.

The iPad 2 equipped with iOS 5 now syncs 1080P video according to 9to5Mac.  People who have used this feature in the iOS 5 beta gave good reviews to picture quality and frame rate, so it should be here to stay on the iPad 2.

As far as the iPhone is concerned, the iPhone 4 may not gain the 1080P capabilities because the A4 processor may not be strong enough to handle it.  However the iPhone 5/4S should gain 1080P capabilities because it will most likely have the iPad 2’s A5 processor.

 Much of the tech between the original iPad and the iPhone 4 is shared, so it makes sense for the iPad 2 and iPhone 5/4S features to be the same too.  With the next generation iPhone set to begin production in July for a September introduction, stay tuned to this column to see if it will indeed get 1080P video.


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