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All Time Greatest Baseball Players by Position (Alternatives)

You have been given the chance to build the ultimate baseball team.  You have the ability to select any player in the history of the game.  Position by position, who do you pick?  

Connie Mack's Pick's...

CATCHER:  "Crash" Davis - Durham Bulls 

"Crash" Davis - Durham Bulls

FIRST BASE:  Haywood - New York Yankees

Haywood - New York Yankees


What's on Second

THIRD BASE:  Roger Dorn - Cleveland Indians

Roger Dorn - Cleveland Indians

SHORTSTOP:  Short Round... same ting!  New York Giants

Short Round - New York Giants

LEFT FIELD:  Pedro Cerrano - Cleveland Indians

Pedro Cerrano - Cleveland Indians

RIGHT FIELD:  Roy Hobbs - NY Knights

Roy Hobbs - New York Knights

CENTER FIELD:  "All the Way" Mae Mordabito - Rockford Peaches

"All the Way" Mae Mordabito - Rockford Peaches

PITCHER:  Mayday Malone - Boston Red Sox

Sam "Mayday" Malone - Boston Red Sox

MANAGER:  Morris Buttermaker - "Bad News" Bears

Morris Buttermaker - "Bad News" Bears

BAT BOY:  Stillwell


OWNER:  Rachel Phelps - Former Cleveland Indians Owner

Rachel Phelps - Owner

Mascot:  Jobu

Jobu - Mascot

#1 Fan:  Queen of England

Queen of England - #1 Fan

Think somebody was left off the list?  Let us know what you think...


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