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Fantasy Football, Canadianly


First of all a big shout out to my Canadian buddy, the Mighty Quinn. Now this is not something I do all of the time, so when I do you should know that it is for a worthwhile cause, or for something, I am very excited about. I hope this reaches all of my Canadian readers, with a promise more Canadian Football League posts will come.

Since the CFL regular season starts this Thursday, I wanted all of you to know about this site It is the premier place to play fantasy football Canadian style. It is your typical head-to-head style of play found on such American sites as Yahoo, that four letter network, and the like.

The regular price is 79.99 (Canadian, but the dollars are around the same right now so not a big conversion is needed). There is a promotion right now to get in and play the fantasy CFL 2011 season for 59.99. For the low-low price of just 10 dollars, one can play against seven random people in a public league.

Now Canada has some tricky laws so there is not a cash prize, but they good folks at this site are lining up some sponsors and likely will provide some sort of prize at the end of the 2011 CFL season.

So if you have six or seven buddies that would like to start a league and play fantasy Canadian football get your duckets in order and hit this site before Thursday. I will be playing this fantasy game in a public league and I will provide that information as soon as I have it.

I would also like to thank the folks at for reaching out not only to me, but also to all of you. The CFL is a big deal in Canada and fantasy football is a ton of fun. I am a fantasy football addict and even played a XFL fantasy game. I cannot wait to test my knowledge of the Canadian game.

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