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Does Vick Belong In The NFL Top 20?

The NFL Network revealed that Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick will be one of the next group of ten players unveiled in their "NFL Top 100 Players" series. As most of you know, the players themselves are the ones who do the voting. This selection means Vick is considered to be a top twenty player.

Mike_vick I am sorry;  I appreciate that Mike Vick is trying to redeem himself after serving time in prison.   I also appreciate the fact that by all accounts he appears to be truly sorry for what he did and that his behavior has been exemplary, he just is not that good to warrant top twenty status!

I get the fact that he had a lights out year in 2010. I get the fact that he led the Eagles to a division title. I give him credit for all of that.

However, one good season, and actually 13 good games ( look back at 2010 and you will see that opposing defenses figured him out and made him look fairly average down the stretch), does not warrant a ranking of being one of the twenty best players in the entire NFL!

Let him duplicate that sucess in 2011---and more importantly in the playoffs, and I will say I am wrong.

Right now I am just not buying it.

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Well who cares what you think they did not ask you to vote. It amazes me that you people think everyone should think like you. I thank God every day you don't control the world or we would never have anything or be anything. Glad others see more than just your opinion of how things should be.

Thanks for your comment even if you are over reacting to my humble opinion that Vick is not of the 20 best players in football. If that somehow offends you then I don't know what to say to you. This site is meant to give news, analysis and OPINION....

I am curious who "we" is in your statement "we would never have anything or be anything"?

Read the title of the series"Top 100 players OF 2011" meaning these rankings are supposed to be based on last year alone. You guys forget, he was an MVP runner up to Golden Boy Brady. And the guy played with no offensive line, and no defense. I want to see all of these "hero pretty boy" quarterbacks like Brees, Brady, and Manning try it. The travesty of this list is having the pine rider McNabb and Eli overthrow on this list as well as Tony Romo when Kitna won there games for them.

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