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Conversation gets me thinking

My co-worker and I had a conversation after the Indians dropped their 5th game in a row. "Well, did they win?" I muttered, "No they lost another" She happens to be a big basketball fan and a big LeBron supporter. I am not a LeBron supporter. I support Cleveland, especially Cleveland baseball. This being said, it made for quite a conversation.

I was sharing with her the views of the Cleveland Indians trying to win and bring Cleveland the championship they need. She told me, "That will never happen" It didn't happen in the 1990's. It did not happen with LeBron and it wont happen now." I disagreed. I told her about the minor leaguers doing well and being ready for next year to put it all in place to contend next year, for sure. "What about this year?" "Well", I retorted, "I want to see them put all the pieces together and when they do, I want to see them win it ALL," "That will never happen." "They may win the division, go to the playoffs and then CHOKE. This is what Cleveland does. It chokes, she said. This debate always ends up in her favor.

1948 was the last champion for Cleveland baseball and 1964 for major Cleveland franchises, both before I was born. Yet I hold out hope that this Cleveland baseball team may just win it all. Realistically, I wanted and still want Cleveland to get a taste of the postseason, get their heare broken sort of like back when the Red Sox just missed the World Series in 2003 only to make it in 2004 to win it all. I think this is what the Cleveland Indians need to have happen to see us WIN IT ALL.

Unfortunately three major events have stopped Cleveland momentum, even though technically we are still in first place as of today by 1 1/2 games. Cleveland is being hurt by the injury to Pronk, the injury to Choo and the injury to Alex White.

Pronk was hitting like Tony Gwynn or George Brett or Ted Williams with his .345 batting average. We spanked the Royals 19-1 and were talking destiny. The team went to Chicago to play the White Sox and were schlacked. No Pronk to drive in the runs anymore for a while and it showed.

Alex White helped us see what a future ace looked like and it looked wonderful, Yet his injury had us scatching our heads and scrambling to find a replacement. He was pitching qualitu starts and taking pressure off the other pitchers by pitching deep into games

Finally, Choo has admitted that his DUI is putting a lot of pressure on him and he is not hitting or playing to hos potential. People are even questioning his defense, He has dropped in the lineup and is still struggling to produce.

I think this team has pressed to put up numbers to try to match Pronk's numbers offensively, and White's numbers pitching and it has given the team a mental hangover like it has for Choo. The team is pressing to impress. Teams come in not wanting to be swept and are preparing for the team differently. We have not adjusted yet.

The fans, like myself see signs of WINNING IT ALL. The team has been slumping and the fans are panicking. I keep telling myself that the Indians never told us they were ready to win it all or win this year, period. This is why this hurts because we always tend to see potential in Cleveland and never a commitment just to do what a team like the Marlins did, buy a chanpionship in 1997 and win with youth in 2003 only to have a fire sale the next year. We just want one championship, at least!

It still could happen! Yet this will require prayer, discipline and luck. Now if I could just see a win for the next "one game at a time." Winning changes everything!






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