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Collies In The Meadow-Trevor Turns 12!!!

This was supposed to be posted on June 2.  However, due to my oversight I did not get it up till today! On June 2 Trevor had his 12th birthday!  This is a good old age for a collie and I wish everyone of my collies had attained 12 years.

Trevor did not come to me until he was 7 years old when my dear friend Teresa gifted him to me.  Trevor brought me great comfort for it right after my Niamh had died.  He adopted me as his human and we have been great friends ever since.

When he came here he was as strong a a Ox and we used to go for 8 mile walks even in deep snow!  He became our Alpha Male and we have Ellie and Branwen here who are his daughters. Branwen, by the way is our Alpha Female!

Trevor survived a stroke two winters ago and I worked hard at getting my once mighty dog to just walk his first 100 yards.  Well, he recovered until last summer we were able to make a 8 mile walk again! 

But, in the past 6 months he has aged greatly and I know my big ol' boo is coming to his end here on this earth.  So, our walks are shorter with lots more rests now as we enjoy his final jounrey here.  We have plenty of time for long walks when he is gone.  But, for now we go for our walks and enjoy our time and I smile as his face is so full of happiness just to go the short distances we travel now.

Trevor has brought me great healing, comfort and joy and in return I have helped him to reover from his horrible stroke.  Now, we just enjoy our time together knowing we love each other, enjoying each other's company and making the most of each day together.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!!!  I hope next June 2nd I can say happy 13h birthday! I also want to thank Teresa for a gift that changed my life...... for without her there would have never been my Trevor Forever!




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Trevor is wonderful !!!

contact me please !!!!Moppie

I am your friend!!!

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