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Casting My All-Star Game Ballot

I tried telling myself I wasn't voting for the All-Star Game this year.  Let's face it, it's more of a popularity contest than an earned honor.  That said, most of the vote-leaders this year are very deserving of being showcased in the Mid-Summer Classic.  I'm looking forward to watching the festivities July 11 and 12.

As part of my membership in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I'm posting my ballot for all to see.  I'm offering no commentary on the players. I've made my choices based on player I think is most deserving of the starting nod (although my instincts on the National League are not very good) or, in some cases, they're merely a favorite.  Hmm ... maybe I'm no better than the voting masses after all.  Now, I didn't pick all Rangers.  Even though I love them on my team, I don't necessarily think they're all the best at their position.  Besides, with Ron Washington managing the AL team, I'm sure Texas will be well-represented.



1B :: Adrian Gonzalez (BOS)

2B :: Robinson Cano (NYY)

SS :: Asdrubal Cabrera (CLE)

3B :: Adrian Beltre (TEX)

C :: Russell Martin (NYY)

DH :: Michael Young (TEX)

OF :: Jose Bautista (TOR)

OF :: Nelson Cruz (TEX)

OF :: Curtis Granderson (NYY)



1B :: Ryan Howard (PHI)

2B :: Brandon Phillips (CIN)

SS ::  Troy Tulowitzki (COL)

3B ::  Casey Blake (LAD)

C :: Brian McCann (ATL)

OF :: Marlon Byrd (CHC)

OF :: Shane Victorino (PHI)

OF :: Alfonso Soriano (CHC)


Here are the ballots of other members of the Texas BBA Chapter:

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